Hybrid cars have been popular for many years now, and the industry is no longer as volatile as it was at its inception. Names such as the legendary Toyota Prius have helped establish a highly positive image for hybrid cars, both in the media and among regular buyers. But what is the most popular hybrid car right now, and does its image hold up against the qualities and traits that the best hybrid vehicles should embody?

While the Prius is still in the top ten most popular hybrids, it’s long been dethroned as the best of the best. Nowadays there are many other brands competing for the title, and you’ll often hear dealers and vehicle experts talk about names like Volkswagen, Skoda and Volvo being counted among the top most well-known manufacturers of hybrids today.

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Ironically enough, however, the title actually goes to another  Toyota car: the new Toyota Corolla hybrid, which has become the primary poster child for Toyota’s 2021 lineup. This new hybrid hatchback is fuel efficient, cheap and highly versatile. Reputable electronic car repair technicians say that although it doesn’t excel in a single area as some other hybrids, it’s one of the more balanced hybrid vehicles out there.

The Corolla therefore provides some benefits to just about anyone – from enthusiasts looking for a fast and maneuverable car with lots of hi-tech features that doesn’t require a lot of fuel, to families who want to have a comfortable and safe ride while saving money and enjoying their road trips.