Toyota Prius is a hybrid that combines smart design with technology to ensure dynamic performance and excellent maneuverability, making it an efficient and fun car to drive.

The manufacturer takes pride that each car has been built to an exceptional level of quality, durability and reliability. For your peace of mind, you receive a standard 6-year Toyota Prius battery warranty on all vehicles and extended coverage for hybrid car batteries up to 10 years.

Extended Coverage for Hybrid BatteryToyota Prius battery extended warranty

The battery of the hybrid system, with which your car is equipped, benefits from a manufacturer’s warranty of 5 years or 100,000 km (any of these terms is met first). With this, you will automatically benefit from the Extended Coverage for Hybrid Battery, valid for one year or 15,000 km, if the Hybrid Health Check is successfully performed.

This Toyota Prius battery extended coverage can be renewed annually, up to a period of 10 years from the purchase of the car, by successfully completing the HHC test, giving you more years of driving your hybrid peacefully and confidently.

Also, to ensure you get the best performance, you can benefit from the expertise of Hybrid Synergy Drive specialists, who will provide you with many years of safe and efficient driving.