Electric vehicles have different particularities that affect how they are repaired and serviced. In order for independent EV mechanics to seize the opportunity of serving electric vehicles, it is essential that they are not only trained to EV standards, but also know how to protect electrical systems in a workshop. This is a necessity for several reasons.

First, it is about complying with the laws in force. Secondly, while it is easy to assume that electric vehicles aren’t quite that different from regular vehicles, the skills required to work (safely) on them are actually very different, and the number of safety factors to be followed is so high that no one should work on repairing an EV vehicle without a certain level of training and knowledge.

EV mechanic

Understanding the different models in the global fleet, their unique design and accessories, will help ensure a certified EV mechanic in the correct and efficient service of these vehicles.

One way to achieve this is to stay up to date with the news of the suppliers involved in the development strategies for electric vehicles.

Additionally, electric car mechanics need a certain type of education that includes a degree in the automotive technology, an internship program and an entry-level job, as well as getting certification from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.