replacement battery for hybrid car

Hybrid battery packs are extremely durable car components that usually last much longer than the period they are warranted for, but the cars that they are incorporated into are even sturdier, so the owners of hybrid cars who want to use their cars to the end of the vehicle’s lifespan will probably need to replace the hybrid battery sometime. Here are some signs that the replacement of your hybrid battery pack is something that you should prepare for:

  • Your battery is old and has worked a lot – the average lifespan of hybrid batteries is around 10 years and they are usually warranted for a mileage of 120-150,000. If your battery is older than that age or it has covered more than the mileage it has been warranted for, you should prepare for the investment;
  • Decreasing MPG – if you see a steady decrease in MPG and the other systems of the car are fully functional, the issue is likely to be caused by the failing hybrid pack;
  • Strange noises coming from the engine – faults of the hybrid battery pack cause the internal combustion engine to turn on at speeds that are lower that it has been calibrated for, which causes it to emit strange noises.

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