Hybrid batteries are different than the ones in conventional cars. It can be quite costly, and therefore you should definitely know in due time when to expect your hybrid battery to fail and need to be replaced.

Because each situation tends to be different, it can be difficult to tell exactly when you may need to replace your hybrid battery. In fact, while some drivers may have to deal with battery failure at 70,000 miles, others may only need to replace their hybrid battery after 200,000 miles.

Nevertheless, upon reaching the age of 10 or 15, hybrid batteries may start to show signs of fatigue, which may eventually result in the need for replacement.

In case you find out that your hybrid battery needs replacement, you may consider opting out for a refurbished battery, which merely replaces dead cells with new ones. This can help you save a good deal of money.Honda ima battery warranty

At any rate, in case you are concerned about the potential need for hybrid battery replacement, you should check your Honda ima battery warranty. Most hybrid batteries have an 8-10 years old warranty, namely about 100,000 miles, whereas others may have longer warranty, i.e. that of about 150,000 miles. In some states, you can even get a new hybrid battery for free, based on the vehicle’s warranty.