The history of electric cars is fascinating, and the evolution of this type of vehicle has been spectacular, with many ups and downs in the public’s preferences. In the 1900s, these cars dominated the market; in 1935, they were already a rarity, and their large-scale production happened only 90 years later.

In recent years, the auto industry has gone through the most changes in history. Electric cars have spurred technological innovations, which seem to be paving the way for a greener and more efficient future.

Nowadays, electric cars are growing in popularity from year to year due to their advantages: reduced costs for charging compared to the classic fuel supply (gasoline, diesel), cheap maintenance, contribution to a cleaner future, less noise pollution, tax reductions, and the cool factor.

electric car technician

With the popularity of electric cars, electric auto repair is also increasingly in demand. EVs have particularities that can only be handled by an educated and specialized electric car technician.

For instance, the identification and remediation of defects are much more complex in the propulsion concept of electric and hybrid vehicles than in the case of conventional systems. In addition, working safely with electrical components and high voltages requires specialized knowledge. Specialists in service stations dedicated to electric vehicles use advanced diagnostic systems and technical data.