get a Toyota Prius battery at Mile Hybrid

Hybrid car batteries help you save money on fuel because they can store electricity as your car runs on fuel. They are highly specialized and powerful batteries, thus they can be quite expensive when you need to replace them – in the range of thousands of dollars.

So, where should you look for the best deals on Toyota Prius battery replacements? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Your Car Dealership

If you want no hassle at all, your car dealership is the best solution. They will offer you a brand new battery with full warranty and install it for you in the car. However, this is the most expensive solution, but you know that there is a price for convenience, right?

  1. Third Party Providers

Third party battery replacement sellers have better prices, but you will only find generic brands. These are brand new batteries but they may be manufactured by companies that are not recognized as OEMs by your car manufacturer.

  1. Online Ads for Second Hand Batteries

The cheapest (but also riskiest) solution is to look for online ads. A lot of individuals and businesses sell used car batteries. In some cases you will get limited warranty for the battery. However, this should be only an emergency solution until you can save enough money to buy a brand new hybrid battery replacement.