The Toyota Prius is among the most reliable hybrid vehicles even today, over 20 years after the first Prius was launched and on a market that has expanded tremendously since the first Prius hit the market. One of the factors that make the Prius so appreciated is the durability of the hybrid battery, the component that powers the car’s electrical motor that moves the vehicle up to the speed when the conventional internal combustion engine turns on.

Toyota Prius battery warranty

According to the manufacturer specifications, the Toyota Prius battery warranty is 10 years or for 150,000 miles in states that have adopted California emissions laws and for 8 years or 100,000 miles in other states. However, the tests performed on used Prius batteries and the reviews provided by owners who have been using their Prius for much longer and 10 years and have covered much more than the warranted mileage confirm that the hybrid battery pack in their Prius has not lost any or has lost very little of its initial capacity. Most Prius models have already run on the same battery twice or three times the mileage that their batteries are warranted for without experiencing any diminished power and they are likely to keep up the great performance for many miles in the future, too.