Hybrid vehicles enjoy huge popularity these days – these modern, reliable and attractive vehicles offer considerable savings on fuel, they are gentle on the environment and they do that without compromising comfort or the quality of the driving experience. The two auto makers that released the first very successful hybrids back in the early 2000’s were Toyota and Honda, but since then, almost all (if not all) important car manufacturers have understood the immense potential in offering hybrids, so they all produce special line-ups that comprise either hybrid variants of their popular models or hybrid-only models.

battery for hybrid car

With so many auto manufacturers offering hybrids, the market of hybrid cars have become very diversified, but basically there are two types of hybrid cars available today: standard hybrids and plug-in hybrids. While both standard and plug-in hybrid vehicles run on two power sources: a battery-powered electric motor that moves the car at low speeds and a conventional internal combustion engine that takes over the task at higher speeds, the difference between the two is that a standard battery for a hybrid car powers the motor during the rides, through regenerative braking and through other processes, while plug-in variants can also be charged by the owner with the help of a special charger.